Book 4 Shadow ——— tba

Book 5 Shadow ——— tba

Book 6 Shadow ——— tba
Guardian Realm

Book 7 Shadow ——— tba
The Inner Circle

Book 8 Shadow ——— tba

Book 9 Shadow ——— tba

Book 10 Shadow ——— tba

A child of three worlds, Selena Goodwin faces the typical challenges of maturing and falling in love until she is confronted by an enemy she never realized existed.  Plunged into a world of secrets, deception and death, she must rely on people she never expected to enter her life.  All her interest of mythology, lore and the paranormal are tested in reality.  She will find out how to become the woman she is destined to be despite the obstacles before her.  Who said growing up was easy?  They hadn’t lived, have they?