Shadow Tears Personality Quiz

Which character are you more like?

Directions:  Circle the best choice that describes you.  At the end of the quiz tally up the letter you received the most and match that letter with a character letter.  Good Luck!

  1.  On a hot summer day you would
    1. Go to the beach
    2. Follow my love
    3. Too hot to do anything
    4. Yard work
    5. Take a walk
    6. Sun tan
    7. Bike
  2. Where would you go on a date?
    1. An oasis
    2. A walk on a beach
    3. Walking in the woods
    4. I’m terrible on dates my boyfriend/girlfriend would decide
    5. Movies
    6. Mall
    7. Theme park
  3. Your crush just asked you on a date.  What do you do?
    1. Be speechless
    2. I’m doing the asking
    3. I’m married
    4. Panicked
    5. Be calm and cool, you got this in the bag.
    6. Quickly tell your best friend about it.
    7. Get nervous.  I don’t like to disappoint.
  4.  Snow has fallen.  What is your reaction?
    1. Here we go again
    2. Romantic snow rides
    3. Christmas Lights! Christmas Lights!
    4. Presents
    5. Do you want to build a snowman?
    6. Frizzy hair
    7. Snowball
  5. You have just learned you have a special power.  What do you do?  Do you
    1. Freak out
    2. Time to go for a test drive
    3. I must defend the one’s closest to me.
    4. I was waiting for this.
    5. Time to take over the world
    6. Bubble over with giddiness
    7. Cool!
  1.  It’s time to play a prank.  What do you do?
    1. I don’t play pranks.  I get even.
    2. Something scary
    3. Anything funny
    4. Time to scare the girls
    5. Something creative and something tricky
    6. There usually played on me
    7. Plan in detail what to do
  2. Which one of these words best describe you?
    1. Quiet
    2. Brave
    3. Strong
    4. Brotherly
    5. Artistic
    6. Giggly
    7. Dare devil
  3. What is your favorite pass time?
    1. Reading
    2. Video games
    3. Music
    4. Hanging out with friends
    5. Drawing anything to do with art
    6. Shopping
    7. Sports
  4.  What is your favorite sport?
    1. Swimming
    2. I can do any sport
    3. Football
    4. Baseball
    5. I like watching sports
    6. Cheering
    7. Basketball
  5. What is your dream destination?
    1. Scotland
    2. An exotic island
    3. Valhalla
    4. Atlantis
    5. Japan
    6. Europe
    7. The Olympics


  1.  Selena – You are Selena.  Quiet, loveable person with amazing strength.  A great friend to depend on and to keep your heart safe.  A person who will always step to the front to protect others no matter what they face.
  2. Matthew – You are Matthew.  A very strong and determined person who knows what you want from life.  A good person to have on your side when others need defending.  No one will ever dare to cross you. You can only show the one you love your soft side.
  3. Shep – You are Shep.  A strong defender of what is right.  Who is always there to assist others.  You are a good listener just like Shep.
  4. Tyler – You are Tyler.  An intelligent person who believes in friends and family with all of your heart.  Sometimes you may wear your heart on your sleeve and sometimes that gets you hurt.
  5. Meggan – You are Meg.  A very artistic person with a great outlook on life.  You can stand on your own and let others know exactly what you need to know in order to succeed.  You are always there in the shadows ready to lend a hand.
  6. Heather – You are Heather.  The best friend that everyone needs.  You will always be there trying to keep friends secrets and to show them how to enjoy life whether they like what you are doing or not.
  7. Mike – You are Mike.  A rugged sportsmen who will defend anyone who deserves defending.  A traditional person who is always there to keep things on level ground.  At times a bit cocky but loveable all the same.



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