34399240_sHappy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are looking forward to the possibilities of 2016.

I have decided that rather than focus on resolutions this year, I would look to find ways to connect with readers on a more personal level.

I am certainly active on Facebook and hope you have visited the page and joined the conversation but sometimes meeting and connecting in person is best.

I love the characters that I have created in the Shadow Realm series and look forward to sharing even more Selena Goodwin adventures in the near future, but I feel that I have an even deeper, more valuable message to share. That is why I am seeking opportunities to speak within the community and perhaps even consider webinars so that I can connect with a larger more global audience.

What do I want to share? Well, over the years since I first started writing Shadow Tears I have found that people I encounter are interested in why I started writing and certainly they express an interest in my books and the characters I have developed.

However, the unique nature of my writing stems from the fact that I began the process of creating the stories while my husband was very ill and my children were young. Through that process I have learned other lessons:

  • Don’t Give Up
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Find the Positive and Persevere
  • Coping with a Serious Family Illness
  • Being a Writer with Young Children

I believe that I have a positive message to share and look forward to developing programs that will inspire and educate those that attend.

So look for me in your local library or chamber meeting. If you have a group or organization that would be interested in one of these messages, please contact me directly so that we can discuss the opportunity further.


In the meantime, come back and visit this blog periodically as I will also share messages of positivity and hope here. We may not know what lurks in the shadows, but with faith we can conquer whatever life hands us.